Pilates with Arabelle

New Beginners

For people who are new to pilates. The classes will focus on breathing, alignment and how to engage the correct muscles whilst learning pilates exercises.


Beginners Plus

Following 6 weeks as a new beginner the class changes its name to beginners plus. Clients are now familiar with the basics and are encouraged to develop the other pilates principles of control, stamina, flowing movement and precision.



For people who have been doing pilates for a while and working their way onto Intermediate. Clients will understand how to breathe, stand and engage muscles correctly before entering this class.



This is a faster paced class challenging each individual at their own level. Clients in this class are experienced in the pilates method and moving towards more advanced exercises.


Functional Pilates

The functional pilates class is designed specifically as a strengthening pilates class. It is ideal for someone suffering from back pain as we work on ‘functional movements’ (movements which you need for everyday life). Each exercise is safe if you have osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.

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Class Descriptions